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  • Maria Chara Karypidou

Weather Briefing at 11/11/2020

As we are progressing towards the core of the rainy season over the southern Africa region (SAF) the rain-band is expected to migrate even more southwards and thus, intense rain events are expected to increase in frequency and become more severe in intensity (Fig. 1). Over many regions in tropical Africa and SAF, cumulative precipitation amounts over the first 5 days of November have exceeded 100 mm (Fig. 2) and have caused severe flooding events in Uganda, Zimbabwe and Congo.

Figure 1: Infra+ imagery with pseudo-colours for cloud top temperatures <-33oC, indicative of deep convection at 11/11/2020. Map taken from Windy.

Figure 2: Accumulated rainfall amounts over the first pentad of November 2020, based on the TAMSAT algorithm. More at:


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